Hey everybody,
I actually always wanted to make a “What’s in my travel backbag”-blogpost, but literally I every time reminded myself of it when all the staff was already packed. This time not !! ;>
Although it’s not too much inside my luggage (I’m only taking a backpack and a little shoulder bag), hence it will be a 2-day city trip to Milan. Of course I will report everything about the little city trip here in a few days…
Ich wollte schon immer mal einen “What’s in my travelbag”-Blogpost schreiben, aber ich hab natürlich jedes Mal erst dran gedacht, als schon alles gut im Koffer verstaut war. Dieses Mal nicht !!
Es sind gar nicht allzu viele Sachen, denn ich nehme nur meinen Rucksack und eine kleine Handtasche mit, da die Reise auch nur ein kleiner 2-tages Trip nach Mailand ist. Hinterher gibt’s natürlich einen ausführlichen Bericht über die Modemetropole…
Josi ;*
– Probably my outfit of tomorrow, but I still don’t know, hahah
One of the statements I stand for: Never without my black leggings !!! –
– You never know, whether it will rain or not. I’m always carrying both, short and long jeans. The Shorts are my new Levi’s favourite ones and the long high-waisted I bought last week at Pull & Bear, I love both of them together with an embroidered crop-top ! –
– This crop-top and the Zara-Culotte became one of the most important parts of my wardrobe, what do you say ? –
– I decided to take only these pair of shoes (for this summer my favourites) and I hope, it won’t rain…
The dress and the necklace are as well Na-Kd pieces, I just love it, that’s by the way choice two for tomorrows outfit, let’s see how I will decide 😀 –
– My shoulder bag from Na-Kd, I love it, inside there won’t be as much, but the essentials.
By the way, I’m always carrying a little book and pen to write down some impressions and notes –
– The backpag, where everything HAS TO fit in –
– As I’m an accessory-lover I can’t leave without my jewels, most of them are Na-Kd and H&M –
– Some cosmetics, of course not all, I didn’t photograph my toothbrush, hahah –
– It’s always the most difficult question, because I’m always freezing, WHICH JACKET ?
Probably I will wear the beige one and carry the grey and my biker has to stay at home this time –
– And last burt not least the travel essentials, camera & hat, ready to take-off –

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