Josiyyy-by-ansgar-schwarz content creation & brand building.
styling & art direction.
creative & social media marketing.
journalism & web design.
group fitness.
modeling & hosting.

I believe you don’t need to be an expert in one subject to create great things. Knowledge is important, that’s for sure, but only passion can make your ideas come alive and give them a character. That’s how I work and just like that I started to be self-employed.

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I’m Josi and describing my profession is a little bit too complicated to insert into one sentence. I do a lot of very different things that you would say aren’t even related to each other – but for me they are, as all of them belong to my passions and together just like that form my identity. People often told me to specialise just on one thing, just like they tell you to find your niche on Instagram. But what is a niche? I am not a niche. Nobody is, as everyone is individual. For me the problem was this: I am not a quitter and so I didn’t want to stop one thing I like to start another. That’s why I kept going: on the one hand trying new things (also ones that I stopped as I didn’t like them), and on the other hand, continuing older things that I use to love. By trying new things I’m not saying that I never started something that I didn’t like. But I belong tot the team “You only regret the things you didn’t do at the end” and I think I can learn from every experience, especially from the fails. I am a very open-minded person, who  is interested in a lot of different topics and constantly has the eyes wide open observing, processing emotions and ideas and reinterpreting the surrounding.

I love standing behind the camera just as much as in front of it and love to see both sides. The advantage of knowing both sides is that you can perfectly understand the people whom you work with. Enough philosophy, here’s a quick overview of what I do:

content creation & brand building

You want to stage your products in a more creative way? Let’s work on the perfect aesthetic and create great content. You don’t know the direction of your brand idea yet? No problem, together we will create the a unique brand identity based on your idea.

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styling & art direction

From the idea in my head, to the moodboard and the planning, to the implementation: I love diving into your brand identity and creating something great and unique.

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creative & social media marketing

Defining what your target group wants and implementing exactly that is a creative process. Rather the off road way than the highway, because boring views don’t get any attention. Let’s see together what the sidetrack has to offer!

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journalism & web design

Writing… the base of my studies (Fashion Journalism and Media Communication) can indeed be hard sometimes, but seeing what words can evoke is simply great. Playing around with graphics is just as interesting as playing around with words. That’s why I started to teach myself how to create brand identities, logos and websites.

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group fitness

I guess I don’t have to say a lot about that. This is where I got my nick name Bouncy Ball (German: Flummi) from. Nothing beats the dynamic while working out in a group. And the best feeling is being that person who motivates the group and sharing all the positive high energy. An overview of the classes I teach: ZUMBA®, Les Mills BODY PUMP®, Les Mills BODY COMBAT®, Functional Workout, Complete Body Workout, Sixpack, Aqua Fitness, Basic Step, Fatburner Interval, Core Workout, Flexibar, Nordic Walking, Blackroll, Stretch & Relax, Pilates, XCO-Workout, Mobility Prepare. My motto in all my classes: smile, because working out is fun!

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modeling & hosting

I have always loved being on stage. At the age of 6, I had my first belly dance performance, indeed a very special hobby, which, however, has set many tracks for my further life and has also formed a part of my character. I worked in several resorts abroad what tought me how to communicate and host in front of an international audience. 

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