Behind all that energy there is also a sensible soul. Get to know me a little more personally in the following text. My three big passions in life are travelling, fitness and fashion as you may guess while scrolling. I’m a fitness-addicted person and dancer with all my heart and can’t live without doing sports. My latest passion in sport is Surfing, but that’s still in a learning process. There is nothing that fascinates me as much as the ocean does. But at the same time there is also nothing that I have so much respect for as the ocean and its enormous power.

I am team stop dreaming and start doing, because you will never know if you don’t go. 😉 We all know: stupid and crazy ideas are often the best ones. I am a free spirit who loves traveling, since the knowledge and experience you get by making different journeys, can’t be replaced by anything. My family is the most important thing in my life and that’s why I will always come back home to visit them. And by saying family I also include my cats. I am an animal lover with all my heart.

I would say that one of my biggest talents is motivating people and spreading positive energy. I have a positive mindset, try to always see something good in everything and I kind of also believe in destiny a little. I’m curious, the worst person in waiting for something and when I want something I will try everything that is possible to reach my goal.

About-josi-586866 ABOUT JOSIYYY

Some random facts:

*I’m the total summer-person that can never get enough sun but will start to freeze at temperatures under 20°C.

*Despite of German and English I speak a little Spanish and Italian.

*Life motto: Nothing is impossible.

*I have never done just one hobby and already as a child I wanted to try out everything and don’t focus on just one thing. And so there was a time in that I did belly dance, drums (!), volleyball, ballet and guitar at the same time.

*The only “Alman characteristic” I have is being on time, and that’s what I also take quite serious.

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