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Hi everybody !
I hope you’re all doing well.
My week was quite eventful as always and I don’t know why but right now I’m overthinking. Thinking about every step I make, every word I say, every look I wear, every day that passes.
Actually it doesn’t suit me at all, normally I’m the most spontaneous person ever but my mind literally is almost exploding caused by thoughts about the future.
In school it went quite nice this week and I got back the goal I almost forgot about in the last month.
Starting the new semester after the first assessment means as well new subjects. For example: Fashion Writing & Editing. I’m so happy about this because that was the actual goal I had and have but I nearly forgot about it: Becoming a Fashion JOURNALIST. Traveling, being stressed all the time & under time pressure, but write, judge and recognize tendencies, that’s what I want.
One of the most transcendental moments of the week was when we watched this video in class.
One word: confidence. That’s what she got.
Here my favorite outfit of the week (for details scroll down).
PS: Since I came back from the hairdresser last Saturday I only leave the house with braided hair, hahah, it’s literally so short. In actual fact I only cut them because the tips were broken allover but in general my plan is to let them grow (a life-time-project, for sure.)
PPS: Changes over changes. As you may have noticed I renewed the Blog Layout & Design. Does it fit and feel comfortable to visit the homepage like this ? Feel free to give me a feedback.
I wish you all a great rest weekend !
I’m having back my beloved flu a little, hope to be 100% fit very soon.
Un bacio,
– outfit details –
black knitted dress H&M
shoes topshop
rings primark
bag & poncho flea market


  1. Ich finde dein Outfit echt süß, bis auf die weißen, fetten Turnschuhe dazu. Die wirken sehr klobig. Durch die schwarze Strumpfhose wirken deine Beine schön schlank und dann kommt BÄM ein riesen weißer Schuh.
    Ansonsten ist es aber sehr schön kombiniert.

    Lieben Gruß


  2. danke ;* ich studiere “Fashion Editor: Communication & Styling”, also in normaler Sprache Modejournalismus 😀
    liebste grüße :>


  3. Ich weiß ganz genau was du meinst. Ich tue das im Moment auch total, ich weiß nicht wieso, aber alles was ich tue überlege ich mir nochmal hundert Mal und frage mich ob es jetzt das Richtige war oder ob ich es besser hätte sein lassen sollen.

    Ein sehr schönes Outfit trägst du da übrigens! ♥

    Liebste Grüße


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