07012016: #HAPPY 2016 PHOTOBOMB

Helloooooooo everybody !
I’m so sorry for not writing at all in December…
Of course December always is a stressful month, buying presents for Christmas, etc..
Then 5 days before Christmas my whole wallet with everything was stolen in Rome, great ! Now I’m a real Roman, hahah. “When this never happened to you in Rome, you’re not a Roman nor you haven’t ever been to Rome”, is what they said. And so now I’m a Roman. Great experience, specially when all credit cards, bank accounts, cash money that you have and the identity card are stolen at once, you literally have nothing and the next day you’ll have your flight to Germany for Christmas holidays. Sounds like a bad luck story, but it’s not a story. This is what really happened, but at the end I succeeded in going to Germany, with the only thing I left home: my passport.
Being back home for Christmas with family got a special value this year because it became an event so much more than just giving and getting gifts.
Then I had my Shooting for my first exam on the 21st of December. I will now finally publish the photos here, I almost couldn’t wait anymore but I had to keep it secretly until the deadline of the project. My topic was: “The New interpretation of Glam Rock”.
Conclusion of the Shooting: Great time. Great result. And: The freezing cold. But: It was worth it.
Again thanks to: Fenya, Hannes, Tino, Niklas, Jörg & Michelle !!! You were great :>
And also a big thanks to kaster+kaster fashion agency for borrowing me some of the beautiful dresses from Young Couture by Barbara Schwarzer !!!
My god, the last 4 weeks were so eventful…
After Christmas I got special visitors: Two friends from my animation-time on Crete visited me and it was just as funny as on Crete last summer.
Then New Year’s Eve came more fast than expected as always.
I can’t believe we’re in 2016 now. Sometimes I feel like 2008 has just passed away…
But anyway here you are: The Shooting Results.
All the other pictures (Christmas holidays, New Year’s Eve, etc.) I will upload in the next post to make it a little bit more suspenseful, hahah !
So, Happy delayed New Year, ahahah !
Ci vediamo presto !

Josi ;*

& at the end the Making of…

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