Buona sera a tutti ! <3
Allora, oggi scrivo in italiano. Scherzo, hahah, certo che no ! Ancora…
Well, first of all, happy November ! I can’t believe that this year is nearly over, it just has started !
Soon it’s already Christmas… Here in Rome it even more feels less like winter because in the sun it’s still 20° C and you can sit outside wearing just a top.
However, my third week of school started yesterday and things go very well ! Finally I can learn about things which really interest me… fashion, photography, design, communication, editing & co. ! It’s much more easier to motivate yourself for doing a homework about a topic that anyway would have interest you ! Along the way I’m studying Italian and try to speak as soon as possible.
What really made me tick this week are two things.
First of course the H&M Balmain Collection ! I love it ! ‘Til now I used to deem those women who wait in cues since 6 a.m. in front of the H&M stores for the limited collections (Alexander Wang, Isabel Marant,…) crazy but right now I would actually do the same for the grandiose collection of Balmain (if I had enough money…). But anyway, I love black dress with the golden embroidery and as well the free sequin dress ! Perfection in a dress !
The second spotlight for me was the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Casting and Model selection. For me it’s a real important event in the year, I don’t know why, but I just love it and my biggest dream that I ever had/have/will have is to be in a Victoria’s Secret Show in the future ! Let’s see where the future will lead me…
Back to the actual post: Today’s outfit is like a late summer mood jumpsuit, but as we are in Rome still wearable in November, hahah ! [links to shop at the end as always]
PS: I finally also established my YouTube account right now. Those are my first three videos I published. One of them, quite long I know, is my Scholarship Project about Fashion & Costume, which I created this summer ! Have fun while watching ! :>
1. Fashion & Costume
2. My time as an animator
3. Animators after work, hahah
See you soon, un bacio !
Josi <3
Flower Jumpsuit, Plateau Shoes & Ring H&M
Ethno Clutch Primark
Jacket with leather-look-like sleeves Stradivarius

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