Buona sera a tutti !
Finally I’ve reached to arrive in Rome. After 2 weeks, 14 days and 336 hours full of interior pressure, tension, running through the city and appointments for watching flats, I finally found a lovely apartment in Portonaccio, a small part next to Tiburtina in Rome.
As soon as I now finally get the last missing thing in the flat (WIFI) I will upload this post. (–> finally today hahah, I wrote the post already 3 days ago :D)
Actually caused by not having a free second at all this post will be a big one about the last 2 weeks and also the flat details of the result.
We start at the beginning.
Saturday morning, 19th of September: Grande catastrofe… the car is full and we start our long journey. 1500 km to Rome. Oh yes, at least I was not driving at all, so I had the easiest part of all – sleeping. Including all lunch breaks, rests and the final traffic in the city of Rome we finally arrived on Sunday morning in our Bed&Breakfast in which we stayed for 2 weeks.
Aside of being tired we directly entered the city to see some apartments, rooms & co. While calling different numbers for making visiting appointments it came out very soon that without speaking Italian you are LOST. So I started speaking Italian at the phone without knowing Italian.
This scenery went on up to the next Friday. Every day, different parts of the city, different ways of communication, we had about 3 or more visits.
Friday afternoon, 25th of September, the Big Day: Actually I already decided this on Tuesday, when we watched this apartment first, but anyway I wanted to see all the other ones, to decide that this was the best we’ve seen. The only thing that disturbed me a little was the fact that my way to school every day will be not the shortest one… But that I could accept for having the perfect apartment.
Friday afternoon we decided to take the apartment, actually I already wanted to skip the next step and directly sign the contract but that was not possible because there were things to inform about electricity and gas. So we made an appointment for signing the contract on Monday.
Waiting for a call from the electricity agency, we of course could not succeed on a Friday afternoon. And so this was also postponed to Monday.
Totally out of order caused by the last 7 days my parents and me fell into the bed, with the difference that now everything seems to get into the right way. But of course no insurance for nothing until Monday.
Aside of that fact we planned to make one ‘off day‘ on Saturday. So we went to a very, very nice village called Porto Ercolo at the sea side about 2 hours by car.
(At this point I have to say thank you to Diana again, for giving us this clue to travel to) ! 🙂
One day of relaxing that ran away like 1 hour, but at the end we were really happy about deciding like this.
Sunday, 27th of September, does there exist something better than going to a flea market on a Sunday in Rome ? Of course not, and so we did. The biggest flea market in Rome which takes place every Sunday is called PORTA PORTESE.
At the beginning I was quite disappointed because they were only selling that new stuff but we went on and that was worth it. Old stuff, antiques, accessories, clothes, everything. After 3 or 4 hours we went back to our accommodation and it is to say that we did not see the whole market in that time ! But with full bags of dishes & co. for the new apartment we were happy and it was enough for one day, hahah.
So we skip to Monday, the now really Big Day.
In the morning we went to the electricity company, where we found out (after 3 hours of waiting, I’ve never seen something like that really) that the contract for electricity is just possible to do after signing the contract and getting the number of the contract for renting.
So we went back to the apartment to finally sign the contract. FINALLY !
Now just electricity, gas & wifi. As we knew already that we will not get the number of the contract before Wednesday, we planned to do the trip to IKEA on Tuesday. I nearly took everything in pink, white, black and beige IKEA was selling, I love IKEA ! 😀 With 3 full carriages of stuff my parents and me stopped at the Garden Center next to Ikea for the plants & flowers on the terrace. With a full car again we brought all the staff to the apartment where we could not work anymore because it was already dark and without electricity there is no light – of course.
Wednesday, 30th of September: My parents and me went to the flat for planting the flowers and build up the Ikea furniture, while I was going to the electricity company again with my roommate Nicola, who luckily is Italian and so it’s his 1st language.
Arriving there, waiting for the number of the contract to be sent by the owner, after 2 hours we got to know that my codice fiscale, I don’t know the English word, was not registrated yet. Of course I didn’t know that before, I was happy that I could calculate this code in the internet, but for sure that wasn’t working. By the way, if you ever want to move to Italy, nothing is possible without that code !
So this afternoon was time giving away. At least I did the interior room arrangement with my parents before it got dark again.
My fear of sitting in the dark & cold on Saturday grew within every minute. At least we brought 100 candles at IKEA, hahaha…
Thursday, 1st of October: I got a key now ! And also my official codice fiscale ! AND an electricity contract ! Normally they wanted to do the appointment for installing the electricity next week but after explaining how urgent this is we got an appointment for Friday, perfect !
This evening its Prosecco-Time !
Friday, 2nd of October: Let’s see if all my suit cases full of clothes fit into my room, and they did ! We also got light & warm water this day ! The only missing thing is now gas (for cooking) and wifi (luxury extra). So I could calm down with a good feeling to finally move in on Saturday.
This evening was the last with my parents because Saturday morning they left for the long way back home to Germany again. After my mum had a flu that days, it was now my turn to get sick, of course, but anyway, together we managed in 2 weeks of stress to find a nice room in Rome for me, where I will stay during the university years.
I really have to thank to my parents, without them this would not have been possible, and I feel sorry that their 2 weeks ‚holidays‘ were totally converted into stress ! THANK YOU, IHR SEID DIE BESTEN ! <3
Today I woke up for the first time in the new flat, I had breakfast on the terrace and sunny Rome is shining again.
What a long text, but now you know nearly everything about my removal to Rome ! :>
Of course, as always here you get an insight with 1000s of pictures, of the process and also the result !
For now that was all, soon the lessons start and so I will tell about it here.
PS: As you maybe (hahah) noticed, this was the first post in English because from now on I switched to that. In a few years you will maybe read the first post in Italian, let’s see ! 😀
Baca, baca ! Kiss, kiss ! ;*

Josi :>

– so sweet, surprisingly I got a card from mum & dad, when I entered the flat the next morning <3 –
 – actually now my photowall-project is already finished, hahah –
– these names, just IKEA <3 😀 –
– Leaving my love 🙁 <3 –
– Soon arriving, NOT 😀 –
– Break time in Tramino –
– The bed & breakfast –
– TO RENT, this was the most wanted word, hahah –
– Entrance of my future home, this was the 1st visit –
– Open Day at School –
– CUT –
– Saturday, Day off in Porto Ercole <3 –
– CUT –
 – After signing the contract, CHEERS –
– Next day is IKEA-DAY –
– Finally: time for DECORATION –
– done, hahah –
– Saturday morning, hello new home ! –

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