Month: April 2016


Buonaaa seraaaaa ! ❤ Today I want to publish some works which I did in the Accademia my first semester. In class and at home I was working on several projects, we had to create a lot of moodboards and still lives about different topics to get the knowhow about the fashion industry, it’s history and complexity. _________________________________ Ich hab mir überlegt, mal einige meiner Arbeiten aus meinem ersten Semester an der Accademia zu veröffentlichen. Viele davon sind Moodboards und Still Lives zu verschiedenen Themen, die dazu dienten, über die Modebranche, -geschichte und dessen breites Spektrum Bescheid zu wissen. Un bacio, Josi – evocative moodboard 80’s japanese influence – – evocative moodboard Armani – – collection analysis S/S 2016 – – evocative moodboard spring 2016 – -my favorite one ^ – – evocative moodboards ‘White Trend Prefall 2016 – – still life ‘The Swinging 60’s’ – – still life ’60’s Space Age’ – – still life ‘New Look ’47 – – still life 90’s minimalism – -evocative moodboard 80’s – – evocative moodboard ‘SPIRIT’ – …


Hey everybody ! Summer in Rome has arrived. I think we literally skipped the spring. The temperatures reach up to 29 degree, the sun is shining all day long and I’m just happy, nothing else. Today we had a visit from the Accademia and we went to two different shops in the centre of the city. One of them was called ‘Re(f)use’ and it was absolutely amazing. Particular accessories with items that are known for another usage, very particular ! Fashion is a so many-sided topic and you can always discover new things that you’ve never seen before… By the way today there arrived my little package from NA-KD, more news on my snapchat account. This was my outfit of today, actually not a good idea to dress all-over in black on a 29°C- day, but however… PS: I decided to write in English and German from now on, maybe at the end of this year even in Italian… :> PPS: And I promise the next time I will absolutely write more constantly. Kiss, kiss, Josi …

04042016: #SPIRIT

Ciao a tutti ! First of all: sorry for my total disappearance over here. I was quite busy with the second assessment of for the university. The task was to create an entire magazine including editorials, articles, advertisement and as well inventing the name of the magazine. It was a group work and we named our magazine SPIRIT. For the main editorial we decided to make a concept regarding the ‘no-gender’ trend that occurs this season. Aside from my flu we had a great shooting day and the results tell their own story, so here the cover of the SPIRIT issue May 2016 and its main editorial pictures. PS: In Rome absolutely arrived the spring right now. The sun is shining and the thermometer shows a temperature about 25 degree. Lovely ! Kisses, Josi ;*